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FAQ, ASPEN HEIGHTS, Watford City, North Dakota

Where is Aspen Heights located?

1000 South Pheasant Ridge Drive,

Watford City, ND 58854


Manager's Office: Unit 701 

How many bedrooms does the apartment have?

There are 3 different appartment types

1 Bedroom : 26 Units 
2 Bedroom : 58 Units
3 Bedroom : 12 Units

How many occupants are allowed per unit?

1 Bedroom : a maximum of 2 Occupants

2 Bedroom : a maximum of 4 Occupants

3 Bedroom : a maximum of 4 Occupants

What are the Rental Terms

Flexible rental terms month to month or a term of 6, 9 or 12 months applies to each Rental Agreement

Are Pets allowed

Absolutely, yes. They're part of the Family and are welcome in an Aspen Heights Apartment during your rental period, although restrictions do apply.  Cats or Dogs, 1 pet per unit, 80lbs max

What is the Rental Criteria?

Here's an overview of the conditions of rental for an Aspen Heights Apartment


What utilities are included in the monthly rental charge?

Electric, Water, Trash and Sewer are covered within the charge.

Phone, cable and internet bills are the responsibility of the tenant and are not covered in the monthly rental charge

Can a corporation rent out a block of units?

Yes, Corporations can rent out a block of units. Call +1 844 756 9745 for terms and pricing.

How many garages come with each unit?

There is 1 garage allocated per lease.

Additional available for $75 a month based on availibility.

Where do my visitors park?

There is surface parking on site at each building.